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New Cover!

Here is my new cover for Dreamclock, book 2 of the Darkwalk trilogy.  Like it?  Hate it?  Let me know!

Dreamclock cover

Welcome to the Fall

dreamstimefree 41011 Mval Tree in fog

Fall fell fast this year, didn't it, cutting September in half with the speed of a guillotine whickering down?  Summer it was two days ago, but on a blustery day with rain spitting from the sky and the wind swiping at the windows like an angry cat that hunts a mouse, fall is closer than summer is.

The last crop of hay will soon be harvested.  The leaves are already beginning to turn. Soon the hills will be on fire with red and orange and yellow trees burning until they are consumed and all the colors die like the season.

Grass grows scarcely, then not at all.  Seed pods rustle in the relentless wind.  It is possible to be the only person on earth when you walk in a day like this.  Tall grass turns brown.  Leaves on the ground turn brown.  Flowers die and turn brown.  And Halloween comes ‘round again, orange pumpkins and orange lights, brown straw and corn sheaves, sticky ghosts and stuffy guys, a ritual to close out the harvest as old as reap. 

Silos are filled with the last of the corn and grain.  Cupboards are lined with canned vegetables and preserves in an attempt to prepare for the harsh winter ahead.

Rain pounds the windows like a winter-fat bear battering its way inside to find a warm place to hole up for the winter.  The wind roars like a bear denied.

Darkness falls on the pewter day, and yellow light melts out from windows like butter, warm comfort and a winter blanket to wrap tight around and burrow down in.

This is September. Welcome to the fall.

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