The Darkwalk series               

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                   Darkwalk                                                  Dreamclock                                                Deadlock


The Travelers series  

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                                              A Despair of Demons                                   A Plague in Paradise

                                                 (Travelers Book 1)                                       (Travelers Book 2)

Coming soon: Travelers Book 3

The Dreamland Series 

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                                                                             Dreamland: City of Gold 

                                                                                (Dreamland Book 1)

Short Stories                                                                                     

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            Blood Moon Mansion                                  Voodoo Moon Mausoleum                              Pandemonium Rain

         Short Tale of a Witch Hunt                         Short Tale of a Ritual Sacrifice                        A Short Accounting of the

                                                                                     coming soon!                                          Zombie Apocalypse

New WIPs

About two years ago, I wrote here that I've had four new stories swimming around in my head.  Well, I wrote two of them, both of which I've released. I'm working on yet another, which I hope to have out by the end of next month. I now have 3 1/2 stories swimming their tortured ways through my brain.  They're brewing.  They're permutating.  They're percolating.  And I'm working as fast as I can to get them out before they either mutate or multiply.  Or both. {Shudder}  ...Stay tuned!


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