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Lace is one of NIA-Teliad's best agents. But when her partner Parker inexplicably turns against her, she only escapes with the help of a hauntingly familiar stranger named Rogue—a stranger who apparently knows more Teliad’s about her own past than she does. It isn’t until Rogue tells her the details of her past that she’s made herself forget that she realizes NIA-Teliad doesn’t want her for what she did, but what she is.

When Rogue finds out what NIA-Teliad is really involved in, things take an even more sinister turn. Fossuel was used up decades ago, and the American Republic has been struggling to stay alive with the few power sources that are left. But Parker’s found the ultimate new power source. All it will cost is human lives.

Now Lace and Rogue have to stop him before more people die to supply fuel to those in power. They’ll have to go against her partner, her agency, and the shadow agency behind it all, the one she forgot existed: Darkwalk.

Lucky for her, she’s a Darkling.

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