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When Rogue returns from a routine mission and is told he’s infected with an as-yet unknown disease, he assumes it’s a mistake. Darklings are immune to just about everything.

But when Wraith and his team rescue him before he can be trapped in quarantine, it doesn’t take them long to realize that not only is he infected, this disease is killing him. They discover that the Dreamclock virus is really a clever puzzle left for them to solve. It turns out to be a designer virus targeted specifically to Rogue, and the team is left to wonder: who has the knowledge and expertise to have created such a thing? And why?

In the race to find the answers before it’s too late, their search leads them to the last place any of them ever expected: the virus’s source. Their source. The Darkwalk base where they were genetically engineered, where they were trained to be killers, and which they finally escaped, never to return.

So they thought.

With a new question and a new nightmare around every corner, can they find the answers and solve the Dreamclock before it’s too late? Or will it count down to zero?

Dreamclock is book 2 of the Darkwalk series, a fast-paced dystopian scifi with just a dash of romance.

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