Dreamland: City of Gold

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During a routine test flight in the Bermuda Triangle, Lieutenant Jace Corbin’s brother Tony vanishes, along with the jet he was testing. Jace moves heaven and ocean to find him, but it isn’t until he and his search team vanish too, winding up on an alien planet, that he knows he’s finally about to find his brother.  But instead of Tony, they find a marvelous city, and the mysteries pile up.  Where is Tony?  Why is he avoiding them?  What is happening to Jace’s men to make them temporarily crazy, one by one? And the question that should be least in his mind, and somehow isn’t: who is the woman he can’t stop dreaming about?

During a routine research voyage in the Bermuda Triangle, Doctor Jill Savari thinks her dreams of a military team trapped on an alien planet are just dreams. Then she and her dolphin Keilani are sucked through the ocean and into her dreamland. At first, she can barely credit the possibility that her dreams are real, but her only option is to make the best of being stranded in the desert with a marine mammal and a vicious killer. Because the other thing she dreamed was a violent shapeshifter bent on their destruction.  Which one of them is it?  Who can she trust? And the question that should be least in her mind but somehow isn’t: why did she dream about Jace before she met him?

If they pool their knowledge and work together to solve the mystery, they might just have a chance.  But can they learn to trust each other in time to save their team, Tony, and ultimately, Earth? 

City of Gold is a (loose) spin-off of the Travelers series in that it follows a minor character who shows up in Travelers Book 3, and takes place in the same world.  However, since Jace soon finds himself on a different planet, the world isn't much of an intersection, and he has to learn his new reality or quickly perish!

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