A Plague in Paradise (Travelers Book 2)

plague final e-cover

Gin is a computer hacker and Traveler for the Department of Parallel and Otherdimensional Travel, a top-secret black-ops program run out of Area 51.  In a world called Paradise—which in her opinion is anything but—her team is attacked by a citizen turned Savage. The mysterious disease is affecting the population, and nobody seems to know how to cure it, or even how it’s spread.  Paradise’s Central Computer surely has all the answers to help them protect themselves and save the afflicted.  But the Paradisian government has put the Computer in lock-down, and short of storming the building, there’s no way they’ll be allowed in.

 When a teammate falls sick with the Savagery, Gin knows the best teams in two worlds are working on the cure, but their efforts fall short.  The team’s choices are reduced to one: hack the Computer and learn how to save their teammate.  But as it’s the most safe-guarded building in any world, that’s easier said than done. She’ll need the help of the Chief of Constables, Tamory Landish, to even have a chance at getting in. Her only problem is that he’s even more dangerous than the Savage.  He’s the one man that could steal from her, and the only thing she has to lose is her heart.

 When another Traveler dies from the disease, they know time is running out. But can a con artist ever trust a cop? If Gin can learn to work with Tamory, not only could she end up with a cure for the Savagery, but the only man in the multiverse who’s her match. But trust isn’t something con artists do. Is it?

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Warning, spoiler alert!

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