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Although people always say that writers write in a vacuum, and although it's even sometimes true, I maintain that all of us have mentors we go to for inspiration and advice.  Listed below are links to some of the people who've helped me out.  Some of them have links on their pages to other writers who've helped them out, and those people probably have links on their sites to still more mentors.  So just a friendly warning: if you take this path, it may lead to crazy-far-away places, like the road outside Bilbo Baggins' front door.

Self-help Gurus

JA Konrath - Loads of information about writing, getting published, and e-publishing.  Has a 'for writers' section as well, and tons of links.  

Margie Lawson - Psychologist who applies her knowledge to building characters, setting, and making the reader feel what you as the writer want him to feel.  She gives many examples on her website, and also hosts workshops.

Randy Ingermanson - Physicist who also writes fiction.  His own website is an interesting read, but his fiction site is full of information on writing. The website looks a little gimick-y, but his advice is very helpful.  He puts out a free monthly e-newsletter with great articles, and operates blogs as well.

Query Shark - blog by agent Janet Reid.  Excellent source for do's and don't's when it comes to querying.  Of course, this is just one agent's opinion, but her opinions are super-helpful, and sometimes hilarious as well.  She's critiqued over 180 queries sent to her blog, with re-posts as people try to fix their mistakes.


Meljean Brook - I have decided that she is my all-time favorite author!  Not only does she have amazing romance and relationships, but an amazing world (in Guardian series) that she built from scratch and populated with the most real characters I've ever read.  Wonderful use of point of view, and incredible mythology.

Stephen King - Like him or hate him, he's possibly the most successful author of his generation.  The reason, friends and neighbors, is that he's an incredible writer.  If you read him, you will learn.  His nonfiction works are an interesting read too: more blatantly instructional as well as inspirational, particularly On Writing.  

John Locke - Wrote How I Sold 1 Million eBooks in 5 Months.  I have to say, the man is a marketing genius.  This book has given me a new perspective on traditional publishing as well as epublishing.  

Marie Force - What can I say?  The woman is a self-publishing Goddess who also traditionally publishes.   She also started her Formatting Fairies service for anyone who wants to self-publish but doesn't have the technical savvy.  Check out her blog for a great deal of information on publishing for yourself.


RWA - Romance Writers of America.  While the name tells you that they focus on romance, writing is writing.  This is one of very few professional organizations that will let prepublished authors join, and it is an invaluable source of writing information, learning opportunities, and camaraderie.


Night Owl Reviews


Preditors & Editors - A list of reputable--and not so reputable--editors and agents. If you are going to query an agent, check him out here first.  At the very least, look him up before you sign on the dotted line!

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